50 Hairstyles on box braids

#1: Stylish bun style

The versatility of box braids makes it one of the reasons why the braids are loved. With no need of a sock this is a good sock bun. When you want a formal look twist the braids to an elegant bun and add a red lipstick and it is a stylish look.

Stylish bun style

#2: Regal Elegant Braids

Box braids will always be in style. The volume of the braids is gorgeous and twisting it to a burn allows for more styling of the braids. Sculptural styling gives a vibe of royalty when done with perfection.

Regal Elegant Braids

#3: Tiny Long Box Braids

Tiny box braids are cute. With the length of the braids side part them to allow the braids to cover one side of the face while you show off the other side with beautiful face and cheek bones.

Tiny Long Box Braids

#4: Sweet Long Braids

Learning how to style the boxed braids is great but when you wake up and just use small amounts of little water-based moisturizer and let the braids free is great. To the free flowing braids consider using beads.

Sweet Long Braids

#5: Sculptural unique style

With medium box braids you can try out different braid styling without limitations. For the time used for fixing the braid make sure you style them to enjoy them fully. Consider diving the top part and the bottom, which will have a side braid with a bun on the top part of the hair. Try it out.

Sculptural unique style

#6: High cute bun Style

Hold the braid on high and twist a super bun from them. Keep the style, sleek by tucking the braids pieces under the bun. To maintain a good look of box braids and prevents damages to the hair nourish your natural hair and keep it healthy, to get perfect box braids look.

High cute bun Style

#7: Side part Braids

With long smooth braids consider a sexy style by just moving the braids to one side. Not styling box braids is a perfect answer to the worries on how to style the box braids. The braids allow for the hair to grow as it gives one a break from vigorous maintenance.

Side part Braids

#8: Red Ombre Box Braids

Box braids accommodate other upcoming hair trends and one of the trends is ombre. An easy favorite style to consider is black hair with fuchsia or red ending. Bright braids are woven to a style in the 90s. A simple style to adopt, get it.

Red Ombre Box Braids

#9: Thick braid style

This will give you a feeling of Greek goddess. The shiny thick braids can be pulled back and separate them thrice then put them to one thick braid. While a bun can feel heavy on your head this hairstyle will get braids from your face without a hustle.

Thick braid style

#10: Spunky Throwback Style

The 80s were quick to be over but the 90s styles never disappointed. Remember the favorite pop stars in the 90s or a diva you adored such as half buns with little spunky cat ears. This style is all about the 90s and it is right.

Spunky Throwback Style

#11: Blond and Pink Ombre Braids

Thin small box braids never become old fashioned. Run fingers through the braids and enjoy the playful thin braid strands. Add colors such as pink and blond for fun. Get a stylist expert who can weave in the colors perfectly together. With a bold lip color the style will be perfect.

Blond and Pink Ombre Braids

#12: Pig Tail Bun Style

Box braid is a hairstyle common in the 90s but there is no stopping there. For Princess Leia the pig tail buns enhance some features and can be compatible with most outfits. It is easy to get this style which looks good with tube dresses, jeans and tank tops.

Pig Tail Bun Style

#13: Thick beautiful braids

When thinking of box braids consider thicker braids but ensure you clearly discuss with your stylist to ensure what tension will be put on the hair. If the braids are too tight and the braids are too heavy they can lead to breakage and damage to the natural hair. With all this considered you can go for jumbo box braids.

Thick beautiful braids

#14: Intricate Crown of Braids

There are so many ways which one can style large box braids with one of the beautiful designs being a crown of hair which is easy to do yourself. Start from the left eat across to the back then work along the hairline twisting.

Intricate Crown of Braids

#15: Platinum Box and Golden Blonde Braids

Without considering the hair color pick some fun braids to work with. Consider using highlights and lowlights the light brown golden blonde and pale blonde which can be braided individually to boost your personality. Wrap and twist the braids in a way that the different hues are shown off.

Platinum Box and Golden Blonde Braids

#16: Silver Smoke Style

White or silver hair is the trend now. The style is compatible with red lips with a finger wave with a long ombre style which translates to a romantic style. Single strands of shades stand out with pale shades making the style unique.

Silver Smoke Style

#17: Silver Smoke Style

White or silver hair is the trend now. The style is compatible with red lips with a finger wave with a long ombre style which translates to a romantic style. Single strands of shades stand out with pale shades making the style unique.

Silver Smoke Style

#18: Impeccable Box Braids

Individual braids should be smooth to keep the overall style fierce. To achieve this perfect impeccable box braids get a good stylist from friend’s recommendations.

Impeccable Box Braids

#19: Green Wild Braids

This color is not specially worn for music festivals only. No. Bring the green color to the street. Pick a favorite color and get a stylist who will make it look less fussy and look more undone, the yarns are great over synthetics.

Green Wild Braids

#20: High Ponytail Style

Plenty of sass is experienced with big braids but with a high half ponytail enjoy the braids. The much volume on box braids makes them great to work with on high-up styles. Add some silver strands without having to commit to the trend but enhance personality.

High Ponytail Style

#21: Short Box Braids

For box braids to be beautiful they do not rely on length. Consider something ultra-modern. Jumbos at one –length bob are ideal. This achieves a city chic look which is unexpected. The look is perfected by putting of beads on the braids showing the intention you meant to look stunning.

Short Box Braids

#22: Cute Casual Styles

Small box braids are versatile when creating different looks and hairstyles. The thinner the braids the better in making different casual looks which makes thin braids an easy option for women who have limited time to style and they want an easy quick polished style.

Cute Casual Styles

#23: Bundle Up

It is always a good option to dress up the box braid with a scarf. Wrap a scarf like a turban; this is a one chic idea. Or a scarf can be wrapped as a headband. This style has endless possibilities as one can use scarves with different prints.

Bundle Up

#24: Creative Cool style

Medium box braids can be worn differently with various styles which are unique. For a youthful hairstyle half-up bun and a ponytail can work well in place of ballerina bun and/or long layers. To give this style a fun twist use different colors to achieve a highlighted effect.

Creative Cool style

#25: Ageless Style

Individual braids are perfect for anybody at any age because they are easy to own by making in a way that you enhance your personality. Braids are more of a protective hairdo which can be colored and curled and they are always right.

Ageless Style

#26: Layered Bob

Short box braids deserve more coverage because most women find it easier to work with longer old school styles which are flair.

Layered Bob

#27: Poetic Justice

This style has been on the trend lately but it was adopted from Janet Jackson’s film from the 90s namely poetic justice. Most styles in beauty and fashion are experiencing a comeback such as the nostalgic box braids.

Poetic Justice

#28: Multi-colored Marvelous Style

Long braids give room to experiment with different colors easily. This easily solves the problem of having to bleach the natural hair using different colors instead just buy multiple packs of braids with different hues to create your own two-toned or three-toned style. If you have always wanted to try out bold colors such as purple or platinum this is your chance.

Multi-colored Marvelous Style

#29: Banging Bobs

For women who are more into shorter hairstyles box bob braids are perfect for you. You can flip the ends to imitate an angled bob or have a straight blunt bob. Infuse the box braids with color to elevate the braids color. Create a hairdo which is functional on every occasion.

Banging Bobs

#30: Gorgeous Ballerina Bun

Attending an event after work? A polished sleek big bun should be easy to style for less than 10 minutes. This hairstyle gives a chic touch to the braids and it is great for a date, dance floor or a dinner party.

Gorgeous Ballerina Bun

#31: Double Trouble

These quirky buns with box braids are a quick and fun way to change your look. The style resembles Minnie mouse ears which bring out the inner child personality of an easy outgoing girl who is unleashing her feelings.

Double Trouble

#32: Stick to the Side

For people who love rocking the swoop a deep side part with a side swept hairstyle is ideal for the box braids. This style easily gives the notion of a slimmer face. Braid hairdos are easy to work with when it comes to parting because the part can easily be moved for different styling.

Stick to the Side

#33: Funky Faux Hawk

Long box braids are stylish and practical when it comes to styling. With length the braids can be used for different updos to give an edgy Mohawk style.

Funky Faux Hawk

#34: Best of Both Worlds

Half-up hairdo is best to style your braids if you are tired of braids hanging on the face. A mini-bun or a ponytail will always look good.

Best of Both Worlds

#35: Twists and turns

Apart from a standard bun there are different styles which can be used to elevate the box braids look. Using a scarf as an accessory or multiple twists and braids, one can come up with a casual look which is fancy and can last for a few days.

Twists and turns

#36: Big and Bold

With the plaits inspired by the 90s with a retro touch which makes the style interesting. Large box braids are heavy and can strain the hairline, especially at the edges. For people who love and updo or a high bun this hairstyle is not recommended for you. The big, bold braids are best let loose.

Big and Bold

#37: Dazzle and Razzle

This is a simple style which is upgraded with accessories. Strategically place golden beads throughout the ponytail and at the front to give a dazzling hint of sparkle.

Dazzle and Razzle

#38: Playful ponytails

The best part about styling hair is a basic look which needs to be paired well with a good outfit to complete the look. A straight or side pony tail works well with flawless make up. To move to sassy from classy, always have a glowing skin with flirty lashes and vampy lipstick.

Playful ponytails

#39: Cut to the chase

Looking at stunning pictures is the best way to understand that shaved side hairdos are not only meant for punk rockers or hipster men. An undercut in box braids hairstyles works well with box braids and the hairstyle can be easily made to buns and side parts. This brings the style to new heights of trends.

Cut to the chase

#40: Braided and Beautiful

When in jumbo size the French braid looks large and due to its thickness it looks superb. Chunky braids can be used to be to style the braids when combined with highlights and color as it clearly brings out the variations in color and texture of the braids.

Braided and Beautiful

  1.   #41.   Keep it up

Double braided and twisted are styles which might seem impossible leading to fear of these styles when one has braids on as they might seem too heavy or too thick. The trick to manage these hairstyles is choosing an updo which will compliment your face shape. A high braided bun or a beehive style is suitable for round faces to make them look taller, while half ponytails or braid crowns are suitable for longer faces.

  1.  #42.  Thin Box Braids with a Fancy Style

Box braids have some truly amazing hairstyles. This hairdo has some chic elements blended in. Thin box braids are easy to twist, braid and drape to one’s desire.

  1.   #43.   4 simple steps to an exquisite braid.

First divide the hair into two sections then braid one side to one thick braid so it rims your face. This is a wonderful updo which can be done in minutes.

  1.  #44.   Twisted Side Downdo

If you sweep the box braids on side over the shoulder, if they are not easy to keep together and with a simple twist to keep the hair more organized and compliant and have a braided mane. A twist adds texture for a good.

  1.  #45.   Braided Bun

A bun for tight braids sitting high on the head it is a simple style which is done in a matter of minutes. This high pony is wrapped around after being braided.  

  1.  #46.   Large Box Braids with Spiral Bun

Thicker extensions are the new trends making a fashion statement. A spiral bun is a dramatic and daring style for a perfect gal with a passion for fashion and with a hipster vibe.

  1.  #47.   Bead Embellishments for simple box braids hairstyle.

Braids with Golden bead embellishments are absolutely swooning. The touch is more personal and adds a chic personality to the hairstyle. It is also a good chance to show off creativity in styling. Consider using beads of different colors to your liking. 

  1.  #48. Bulky Victory Rolls for Half Updo.

Medium box braids can be turned into this hairdo which gives an eccentric look. The styles is simply having half down and half up split braids then the top part is further split into two equal parts then create two spiraled rolls on the forehead.

  1.  #49. Lovely Face –Framing with a Chic Fishtail

Take your hairstyling skills to a higher level by learning how to create a fishtail braid. This hairstyle is easy to duplicate, playful and sexy. Some face-framing is to add more style points for a statement fishtail.

  1.  #50. Crescent

The style is with a deep side part then wrapping the hair growth along the hairline growth to bring out a beautiful crescent updo that brings out the zest and mood.

  1.  #51.  Box Braids with a French Roll updo.

Box braids which are styled will always look original and authentic for a classic hairstyle. French Roll style is not an exemption to this. A bulky French knot which sits low gives a fancy updo which gives a great side look.

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