Weave Hairstyles That Lead In Fashion

#1: Purple-Toned weave hairstyle

Stunning long locks are an aspiration of every woman. In pursuit of this desire we lengthen our hair, employ sew-in-weaves, buy high-priced vitamin supplements for new hair growth and God is familiar with what else are ready to do. Most black women are by natural means endowed with gorgeous long hair. If you're one of them, you have to know how to offer your treasure in the very best light.
Probably you already know which weave hairstyles suit you the most. But tendencies change, and it’s important to keep up with them. Here are 40 most stunning black women long weave  hairstyles. The following images are breathtaking and worth imitating. You don’t automatically need to make a perfect replicate of them, while accepting some good suggestions could well be motivating for virtually every woman.

Source:  http://hairstylehub.com/curly-hairstyles/2/

#2: The Glamourous Life Weave Hairstyle

An eye-catching, fascinating weave hairstyle  which gives a chic impression which Justine Skye has chosen to go with. The locks have been styled in large curls which are loose with a centre – part. The main important things contributing to the ravish look and the inimitable luster and deliberate pomposity.

Laila Ali with a glamorous knockout

#3: Long chaotic Waves 

This weave hairstyles glamorous look  compliments her well as an American Beauty. A spontaneous look is created by mocha brown highlights over light black waves which are over the shoulders, giving a chic look which is super- outside the house.This woman  takes on the beauty ring with a bang.

Long chaotic Waves Keke

#4: Creative Mess Black Weave Hairstyle

This radiant look is lovely with beach waves they look fresh and a gives Palmer a look of having a good time by the sea. The long weave hairstyle  gives a tint of coquetry and giddiness with chaotic waves. This  hairstyle is suitable for a round face and it is simple with no need of special tools for styling. A simple blow dryer and foam or mousse will achieve this look.

Creative Mess Black Weave Hairstyle

#5: R‘n’B Queen Long Grunge Weave Hairstyle

This stunning beauty  achieves a simple sweet shy smile with a creative mess black weave hairstyle complimenting her light chocolate complexion and her shy smile. The  weave style containing tresses with light mess along the long glossy locks bring out the perfect evening look. This style is easy and simple to achieve without weighing the hair down, no styling products, no backcombing and no voluminous curls for thick hair.

R‘n’B Queen Long Grunge Hairstyle

#6:A stylish Tsunami Weave Hairstyle

The sense of style on this beauty brings much attention to her from her fans and also from the paparazzi. This grunge hairstyle with golden blonde tones downdo is a surprising look. This weave hairstyle is more brought out by the darkened roots which enhance the sloppiness of the look and with the choice of her outfit it presents a great contrast of textures.

#7: Through life with a smile

This weave hairstyle  is an  impressive long black natural hairstyles for black women, it  is known for its various experiments. This hairdo is centre-parted with emphasis on the curl pattern, volume and thickness.

Through life with a smile

#8: Crest of Fashion wave with long black Weave  hairstyle

This weave hair style best defines this beautiful woman, because of her breathtaking looks with sparkling cheekbones . This weave hairstyle is characterized by sculpted curls. They are well separated from each other with every lock being defined.

Crest of Fashion wave with long black hairstyle

#9: Cascades of side-swept waves Weave Hairstyle

At the crest of fashion this woman stays at the top with weave hairstyles which are luxurious long locks. With a large barrel curling iron, silk flowing curls hairdo is well achieved.

Cascades of side-swept waves

#10: Naughty spirals for medium and long weave hairstyles

With a  beautiful smile like this, she can pull off any style and look gorgeous. The proof is here. She, as a female with high cheek bones  chooses an impressive weave hairstyle look for stepping out on the red carpet. The hairstyle which is side swept to give space to cascades of waves which are dark brown and it is stunning, the style is completed with a sexy slit maxi dress.

Naughty spirals for medium and long weave hairstyles

#11: TV Host chic Weave Hairstyle

This woman knows how to rock a look  when it comes to sexy weave hairstyles. The style is well characterized by thick spiral curls layered on the weave but naughtily sticking out. Her beauty of a light brown complexion is complemented by the monochromatic dark chocolate color making this weave hairstyle harmoniously perfect.

TV Host chic weave

#12: Bright Caramel Grotesque Curls Weave Hairstyle

TV Host and journalist Sharon Carpenter chooses a groomed locks which are effortlessly styled which are a natural-looking style. Her light waves are parted symmetrically teased at the root with a swept forward style and it works well with the oval face.

Bright Caramel Grotesque Curls

#13: Classy Locks Hollywood Weave Hairstyle

Amazing looks of this woman are brighter which she frequently changes. This weave hairstyle is well enhanced with caramel and dark brown curls. The curls are pretentious and large. The style is achieved through the principle of grotesque which gives an exciting feeling.

Classy Locks Hollywood

#14: A sensuous look for long weave hairstyle

This  weave hair tyle is often seen on the red carpet, it is portrayed by large locks which are neat and curled from the face. She can easily wear  this hairstyle and her choice of outfit. Easily completing  the look and receiving approval from her fans. Her  dark brown hair base color is diluted by the medium brown hue achieving a dimensional effect. The style is lovely.

A sensuous look for long weave hairstyle

#15: A Fairy-Tale princess with a weave Hairstyle

This queen  can pull any hairstyle and still look sexy. The statement is well said when she has a new weave hairstyle. This weave has gorgeous waves cascading on the shoulders with a buttery texture with a center-part which makes the style 101 per cent perfect.

A Fairy-Tale princess with a weave Hairstyle

#16: A bouffant with a sexy long black Weave hairstyle

This woman has  the heroine look prototyped in Disney cartoons. She has got a radiant smile which is highlighted to a ‘wow’ factor by the mocha brown look. This weave hairstyle is admired because of its coloristic solution. The look will leave you speechless.

A bouffant with a sexy long black hairstyle

#17: From the face of Lancôme comes a flawless Weave Hair style

Who else to pull off such a  weave hairstyle beyond comprehension with a sexy appeal other than Rhinna ? The look left people staring and admiring. the bouffant size is what caused the amusement leaving people wondering if someone else can pull it off.

From the face of Lancôme comes a flawless style

#18: Sleek Straight long weave hairstyle

 This actress puts on the laconism  weave hairstyle in a minimum way to avoid destruction from her face. The evening look is completed with a low seek pony with a bright one-shouldered dress and dangle earrings which are eye-catching.

Sleek Straight long weave hairstyle

#19: Black hair with a side bun Weave Hairstyle

This beautiful woman's beautiful  weave hairstyle  look really sets the tone wherever shoe goes. The light lift at the roots compliments the rest of the hair

Black hair with a side bun

#20: Romantic waves for long black Weave Hairstyles

This woman's  looks neat with a voluminous chic side bun, where the hair is set in its place. The glamorous weave hairstyle look is achieved with a side parting, the asymmetry and sleekness of the locks brings with it an elegant feel.

#21: Rihanna’s low curly knot

This queen's weave hairstyle has thick long locks, which makes many girls envious; this look can be achieved by the use of  the right weave. Use caramel highlights on the hair and push the graceful waves away from the face. Highlights are necessary to boost the dimension an accentuate the hair texture.

Rihanna’s low curly knot

#22: The Mysterious Look Weave hairstyle

This beauty  has a cute face which is completed with a high  messy knot and framing waves. This weave hairstyle  looks like a simple pin up when getting ready for a shower. The hairdo is effortlessly sexy which is incredibly flattering on her.

Rihanna’s low curly knot

#23: Dreads and braids Weave Hairstyle

The coquettish weave hairstyle looks like this makes this woman  win the hearts of her admirers  in addition to her talent. The side swept locks are made to light waves. To instantly catch the eye the style is lifted at the roots with side parting creating a lovely look.

Dreads and braids

#24: Caramel Long Layered locks Weave Hairstyles

For black women braided long weave hairstyles are never outdated. This is a fresh idea inspired by Lisa Bonet. Interesting solutions are achieved by combining dreads and cornrows.

Caramel Long Layered locks

#25: Sleek Black Pony Weave Hairstyle

She  has a captivating natural charm. This weave hairstyle is simple with the layering of long locks, and the sophisticated hair color makes the style more interesting. With the chocolate and caramel delicious hues makes the look fascinating!

Sleek Black Pony

#26: Creativity textures Weave Hairstyle

Among the black weave  hairstyles for long hair the sleek black pony is among the top picks in the recent seasons. This is a flawless look is stylish and easy to pull off and style. She long pulls this off which gives a low pony chic look, which is tempting.

Creativity textures

#27: Sex appeal and softness Weave Hairstyles

Natural long hair gives you a chance to experiment with texture, consider relaxing the hair slightly broken strands enriched by the use of mousse to get soft touchable curls – this is a personal choice.

Sex appeal and softness

#28: Allure of Glamour Weave Hairstyles

This weave hairstyle is successfully achieved by combination of soft loose curls and golden caramel highlights which blend to bring in an unbelievable charming hairstyle, which gives an impression of a natural look.

Allure of Glamour

#29: Ombre Irresistible effect

This is a divine image used for large scale events by pop stars; it is an outward weave of gorgeous long hair. This inspirational weave hairstyle look is good for relaxed long hair.

Ombre Irresistible effect

#30: Madame de pompadour Weave Hairstyle

A choice of hair color makes this weave hairstyle accentuating to the eyes. The reverse ombre creates a voluminous look which is adorable under the effect of luxurious long waves.

Madame de pompadour

#31: Divinely straight strands Weave Hairstyle

This weave hairstyle originated in the 18th century, gaining popularity in the fifties, and is suitable for long hair. A pompadour hairstyle is gorgeous and popular, but it remains a bright hairdo.

Divinely straight strands

#32: A Goddess curly weave Weave Hairstyle

Sometimes having kinky curls can be boring for most Afro-American ladies. The appealing weave hairstyle alternative to this is a flat-ironed hair. Style your hair in clearly defined straight strands with a silky texture which will make your style admirable, no doubt.

A Goddess curly weave

#33: Braids Weave Hairstyle

Luxurious weaves with curls are breathtaking styles for many men’s hearts. This weave hairstyle is versatile on black women and is a perfect style. Take a minute and check out this example. The hair is slightly raised, making it simple and that’s the secret to achieving it.


#34: Eye- catching updo Weave Hairstyle

A creative weave  hairstyle for long hair is simply braids. A braided bang is neat and can be braided with thin braids and have them scatter all over your back, this style will definitely get you to be the centre of attention.

Eye- catching updo

#35: Flamingo highlights Weave Hairstyle

A stylish weave hairstyle  with silky sides which are smooth and sleek with a bun as a crown on the head compliments an even4123ing gown dress and a wedding gown. This is a superstar 4123look.

Flamingo highlights

#36: Chocolate color Accents on fishtail Weave Hairstyle

With strategic styling flamingo hair extensions benefit from flowing down the thick bangs of silky curls,this weave hairstyle  looks relevant and gives an absolute chic look.

Chocolate color Accents on fishtail

#37: Silky Springy curls

One may see a chic combo look achieved by chocolate highlights against black hair. A loose fishtail is an elegant hairstyle when perfectly shaped. This weave hairstyle  is simply impressive.

Silky Springy curls

#38: Protective showy braids Weave Hairstyles

A unique characteristic of this style is the fact that the hair has to have volume at the ends for the styling of silky curls which are stunning. This hairstyle is inspiring especially with thicker bangs.

Protective showy braids

#39: Great flows and Hues Weave Hairstyles

You can have straight hair while remaining natural but how? Its simple have the hair braided. These braids are perfect because they protect the natural hair and give a straight hairstyle.

Great flows and Hues

#40: Bold Twisty updos Weave Hairstyles

A longer hair length gives one a chance to try out different highlights. Long hair can have few hues and still not look overwhelming to the weave  hairstyle. The curls flow and move divinely especially when walking.

Bold Twisty updos

This is an unusual weave hairstyle but it is a bold look; it is 2 sections of twists which have a natural band separating them making the hairstyle stand out from the crowd.